Personal website and blog for Λquᴧti≪ᴧt.

Self-introduction, TLDR version

Website is inaccessible. Update: Accessible as of 2023JAN30.

Matrix  space has no members. Update: 1 member as of 2023JAN30.
Telegram  channel has no subscribers. Update: 4 subscribers as of 2023JAN31.
Mastodon has not been set up.

Dribbble has not been updated.

Reddit has exactly zero karma. Update: 5 karma as of 2023JAN30.
Twitter was banned just after registration. Instagram was banned. Facebook was deleted.

Promises to contribute were not kept. Update: Probably would never fulfill my promise to contribute to that project (not showing the name here but it's easy to check). Not being able to write or understand is not being able to write or understand. I promised in the first place because I was confident in my ability to learn things. I was too confident. More on this in a later blogpost. Will update.

Haven't been programming for two entire years. (Eye problems)
Haven't systematically learnt design.
Translating from en_US to zh_CN and from zh_CN to en_US is something I'm starting just now. Update: Translated One Among Us as of 2023JAN30.

  • Ophthalmalgia

  • Migraines

  • fatigue

  • … (?)

Never learnt anything, nor will they ever understand anything.
Never accomplished anything, nor will they ever gain anything.
Never knew life, nor will they ever confront death.

Self-introduction, long version

Not harming a person means harming another person.
Not taking from a person means taking from another person.

I'm not trying to suggest doing harm nor do I believe all harm is equal.
It's just that I could not break this rule, no matter how hard I tried.

Despite this, I still want to pursue a resolution where no one is harmed.
Because some types of harm should and can be easily avoided if the people involved just take a bit of time to learn, to understand.

Content Warnings:

  • Animal Abuse (not by me)

  • Ideal (drown in it)

  • Abortion (very indirectly)

  • Bullying (not by me)

  • Ignorance (not deliberately)

  • Gender Dysphoria (believe me!)

  • Fear and reality of inacceptance (indirectly)

  • Misunderstanding (big)

  • Hatred (from me)

  • Overwork (extreme)

  • Self-ignorance (as if there's no self)

  • Fear and reality of secondary discrimination (indirectly)

  • Loss of identity (to nothing)

  • "Help" (not helping)

  • Efforts amounting to nothing (unexpectedly, over years)

  • Not helping (when I really should)

  • Conversion therapy (including confinement, abuse, injection, assault. I'm so lucky that didn't happen to me.)

  • Conversion therapy (self-inflicted)

  • Suicide attempts (lots. Both by me and by others. Methods are omitted for obvious reasons.)

  • Urge of harm (from me)

  • Drug abuse (by me)

  • Self-harm (my urges)

Do you still want to read it?

Absolutely sure?


Hope you won't regret it.


To solve or not to solve

Avoiding unnecessary investment on problems that can be ignored.

That is the question.

So, as you can see, the website I have right now is...not good.

Both the technology aspect and the design aspect, no matter how you look at it.

Static Site Generator?

For example, I should have used a static site generator instead of writing everything by hand.

To list some problems of writing everything by hand:

  1. When writing any page other than the homepage, I need to write lots of duplicate code.

    Most prominently, the header and footer.

    This doesn't seem like a big problem at first, until I realize that when I change my implementation of the header and footer, I need to change them on every page.

    Same goes for every other piece of code.

My solution:

  • Write everything, and I mean absolutely everything on the homepage.

    Contrary to many people's expectations, it wouldn't be too much a problem at first.
    Why? Because modern browsers are capable of handling a lot raw, text content. And I mean a lot.

    For example, here is the full text of Alice in Wonderland in one GitHub gist.
    Loaded in under a second for me.

    Of course this is not scalable, but I guess I would probably have time to set that up once the amount of text I generate exceed the size of Alice in Wonderland.

GitHub Pages?

  1. I'm using GitHub pages to host this website despite owning a server.

    1. That means it'll go down if GitHub deletes it.

    2. Also, GitHub pages cannot be accessed in certain countries.
  2. I'm (ab)using jsDelivr to host fonts instead of serving them from same-origin.

Surely those are problems. Problems which can be solved by self-hosting.

But do I really need to solve those problems?

I do want to solve the problem of website being inaccessible in certain countries due to using GitHub pages.

However, to self-host means:

  1. If GitHub deletes it (unlikely, at least for now), I still have all the content, locally, due to using Git to deploy to GitHub Pages.

  2. Website can be easily blocked due to me having limited ip addresses, and we are back to square one.

  3. Having to keep up with dependencies, which, let's be honest, lots of us just don't.

  4. Maintaining a server is time-consuming. It's not about I'm actually typing the commands to update, it's about remembering to type the commands in the first place.
    Therefore, security problems wouldn't get fixed in a timely manner (or would just never get fixed).

Therefore, I conclude that: now is not a good time to self-host this website.

Remember, use technology to create, not use technology to use technology.